If you knew that the person who you are thinking of asking for help with your nutrition has experienced similar struggles, would you be more or less likely to ask for help?

If you visit or talk to someone who is lean and exercises would this put you off. would you feel embarrassed? Have you ever thought or said something similar to,’They won’t know what I go through on a daily basis’ or ‘They don’t know, they are just so lean, it must be really easy for them’.

I used to play a lot of football up until roughly 6 years ago. Due to this, I never once worried about what I was eating as I was doing more than enough to burn it off. The football then stopped but the eating habits continued. Since then I have experienced the highs and lows of being overweight, not feeling comfortable with the way I look, wanting to do something about it but being stuck in a rut.

I know what it is like to wake up and be dazed by the question, ‘what do I wear?’. Constantly wearing baggy clothes to hide any weight issues, always wearing the same handful of tops as they are comfortable to me. A night out, having to wear a shirt, wasn’t my idea of fun. All I would think about would be getting back to the house so I could take of my jeans and get into my comfortable joggers so my legs could breathe!

I know where you are coming from, maybe I haven’t experienced exactly the same as you but I’m not a million miles away.

Now, it’s not going to be a case of what works for me will work for you. What I eat compared to what you eat will be different. What I will do, is apply the knowledge I have and treat you as an individual. What I offer you will fit in with your lifestyle and be something that you can sustain. There will be no fad diet, no quick fix, just real food eaten in a real way.

I have managed to change my habits for the better through dedication and hard work and you can too. No food is ‘bad’ food. Eat in moderation and be accountable for your food choices.

How bad do you want it?