There hasn’t been a lot of communication in the last few weeks, however, that doesn’t mean it’s all been quiet. I’ve been busy behind the scenes, aiming to give the best service possible, so make sure you stay up to date by following the link below.

Where should you start when it comes to your nutrition? First, you need to know where you are right now. Only when you know that can you put a plan in place to go forward. 

Second, don’t overhaul your whole diet, only eating plain boring ‘healthy’ foods. Realistically, how long will you be able to keep that going? Make small changes to start with, maybe picking two for three goals per week.

Let’s say you eat a lot of ready/microwave meals, one goal could be to eat a homecooked meal at least 5 times a week. Maybe it’s eat more vegetables, drink more water, eat breakfast every morning. Whatever these mini goals are no matter how small, if you do them consistently, they will make a big change. 

Don’t worry about counting your macros and making sure you get the right split. When and if you need to do that, you can worry about it at a future date. You want to try and lay down some good habits which will become your normal routine. A routine you can consistently achieve and is sustainable in the long run. Change too much too soon and you will be stuck going back and forth, one diet to the next. 

Try it for a couple weeks to a month and I’m pretty confident that you will see some progress. 

Be accountable. 

Be consistent. 

If you can do the above then the results won’t be far away. 

If you need a little help, you know where I am. 

Have a good week!