We have all been in the situation where we search the internet, desperate for all the answers. 

How many calories should I eat? 

What percentage split should I use for my macronutrients? 

What’s the best diet for fat loss? 

How long do I need to spend on the treadmill if I eat this Mars Bar?! 

Before you know it, you have found a whole heap of information, formulas and equation that require you to be at an Einstein level to understand. 

Keep it simple. 

If you are just starting out and you are wanting to improve your diet, there’s no need to start counting calories. 

1. Eat more single ingredient foods – these are nutrient dense foods that have plenty good stuff in them. Make your meals as fresh as possible using foods that are close as possible to their natural state. 

2. Eat breakfast – set yourself up for the day ahead. Give your body the energy it needs after fasting all night. 

3. Drink around 2-4 litres of water a day – keep you hydrated all day (the extra bathrooms breaks will be worth it)
4. Reduce the amount of processed foods – foods that have been packed full of artificial sweeteners etc. These are foods that are low in nutrients and have no real significant benefits. These are often higher in calories which results in weight gain. 

5. Eat plenty fruit and vegetables – both are full of vitamins and minerals which help the body to function properly. Eat your greens! 

6. Eat more fibre – proper fibre intake can help to ensure gut health while also assisting in weight loss. 

If you consistently follow the above 6 steps you should start to notice results. Not a single calorie has been counted! 

So, what’s the best diet?

The one that works for you. 

The one you can consistently stick to. 

The one you where you can perform at your best. 

Sorry I can’t be as specific as you would like me to be. 

Work on creating good habits and the rest will come. 

Have a good week.