Are you constantly wishing for more than 24 hours in a day?

You are working as hard as you can but never seem to get anything completed?

You want to look after you, but have no time to do so?

People often say ‘I wish I could do to the gym but I’ve just no time’. While this can be true for some it also can be an excuse for others. If you really wanted to watch your favourite TV show on a Monday night, would you make time? If you wanted to go out with your friends, would you make time? It boils down to wanting it or thinking you should have it. There is a difference between ‘I want to exercise’ and ‘I think I should exercise’.

Maybe you don’t have the energy to do anything else after you have finished your work. Believe it or not but exercise can help with this, it can give you MORE energy. Maybe you are too stressed to exercise – exercise can help with this also. 

Take responsibility. If you want to be fit, healthier, leaner, less stressed or just feel better about yourself then do something about it. 

You are maybe thinking that it’s easy for me to say. That I’m one of the ‘weirdos’ who loves to exercise. 

That’s not the case. 

Actually, it’s not until recently that I decided I had to change my ways. I have a young family, work odd hours and have childcare responsibilities. My spare time is limited and for a long while I had the excuse ‘I don’t have time’. I still managed to watch TV at night or go on my computer. My diet was poor due to bad food choices, choosing convenient food over home cooked because ‘I didn’t have time’. 

What changed? 

I wasn’t happy. Happiness is important, right?

I also found extra motivation. My son is 2 and I want to be around as long as possible for him. I needed to look after myself. 

Another big incentive was the fact in 2017 I turn 30. Is that all I hear you say?! Yes I’m bald but I’m still in my twenties. 

What helped me? Time management. 

Planning my time was a massive help. I work multiple jobs, all varying in times, I look after my son, I want to see my wife (weird for a husband to say, I know), I need to plan and prep my work and I also want some ME time. 

I prioritised tasks, from urgent/important all the way to non important. 

I set my week out. For each day I broke it down to six sections – early/late morning, early/late afternoon and early/late evening. 

First, I looked at things that I had to do such as work and childcare. I couldn’t change these. 

Second, I put in anything else that is important or urgent. Replying to emails, lesson planning and contacting clients. These had to be done during the week but didn’t have a set time. 

I then had my week planned out so I was able to see my spare time. I could add in any other odd jobs that needed completed. This also highlighted time I could use to exercise which in my case was go to the gym. 

If you want something. Go get it. Period

Maybe you always have a Monday night free and there’s a badminton club on a Monday night? Give it a go. Maybe you have a friend that’s free on a Thursday afternoon as well. Go for a walk? Exercise doesn’t have to be treadmills and cross trainers. Find something that you enjoy and not what you think you should do. 

Stop making excuses and instead have action. 

If there is no struggle, then there is no progress.

If I can do anything to help or if you have any questions about the above, give me a shout.